Alldevice is a fully functional CMMS
and it is really easy to use

Alldevice has all the important functions that maintenance team need.
At the same time it is user-friendly and really easy to use.

Manage any device / equipment

Alldevice is made for managing any kind of device or equipment that needs periodical attention. Motors, pumps, bearings, controllers, computers – you name it. Many of our customers have even started to use Alldevice for managing their lawnmowers or even events, so it really has no limitations. Anything that needs regular attention, goes!


Alldevice is the one database for all the information related to your company’s equipment and devices. From technical specifications to drawings to maintenance history – anything you need to define can be stored. Upload new files connected to production sites, objects and devices and find the info with just a couple of mouse clicks whenever you need.


Create, monitor and manage work orders: regular service work orders that are created automatically based on predefined rules; single planned service work orders for one-time; extraordinary repair work orders for cases when something breaks down. Work orders are sent automatically to the responsible person inhouse or to external partner.


Manage your stock of spare parts and connect them easily with the right equipment. Get in depth overview of spare parts availability, cost and compatibility with different devices. Generate automatic notifications for ordering spare parts whenever needed or based on predefined intervals.

Failure analysis

Get a clear overview of the performance and failure rate of different devices and device groups. Pin-point the ones that are causing problems, analyze and organize necessary replacements.


Create personalized reports of a variety of maintenance history: from work order reports to used man-hours to detailed maintenance logs. Define lists of devices based on type, manufacturer, location, etc. Alldevice is your electronical maintenance activity log. You can customize the reports and views in your own way.


Generate tasks for collecting desired values (temperature, vibration, humidity, voltage, distance, lentgth, etc.). Collect and store all the values in the database and set preferred limits for alarms – whenever something is not right, Alldevice will tell you.

Unlimited users & devices

Alldevice stands apart in the market as it does not limit its users in any way – you can have unlimited number of users in your company working with Alldevice and they can work with unlimited number of devices. Adding one or ten or a hundred more does not cost you.


Use it anywhere and anytime on any smart phone or tablet. Alldevice is easy to use on any screen size. You can carry it in your pocket and it is for you whereever and whenever when you need it. Use NFC tags to get the relevant information about any equipment on site and.

API for integration

Alldevice can also be used via external interfaces. Stored data can be transported to other information systems. Alldevice can also be used in your preferred language, setting up a new language takes just a couple of days.